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The Philippine Cancer Society, Inc. (PCSI) is a private, non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 22 December 1956. It was founded by a group of laymen and medical doctors with the aim of “helping the Filipino cope with cancer by preventing it and diminishing death caused by it, especially among the disadvantaged, through information, education, advocacy and focused services.”

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PCS pushes for new initiatives in tabacco control

In observance of Lung Cancer Awareness Month this July, the Philippine Cancer Society (PCS) has announced its new Action Plan for Tobacco Control (APCT) following the successful passage of the Graphic Health Warning Bill in Congress which awaits President Aquino’s signature before it becomes a law.

PCS lauds Amlan mayor for Tobacco Control Initiatives

The Philippine Cancer Society (PCS) cited the “Best Practices” approach of Amlan Mayor Bentham P. dela Cruz towards tobacco control during the Technical Forum organized by the Philippine Coalition for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (PCPCNCD), which the PCS chairs, on July 2, 2014 at the Duque Health Information and Training Center, Department of Health (DOH) Compound, Rizal Avenue, Manila.

“What is remarkable about the Amlan Experience is that, despite being a 4th Class municipality with a little more than 2,000 population, the advocacy has spread throughout the entire province primarily on the initiatives of the entire Amlan community,” the PCS noted.

“We hope other LGUs with similar success in tobacco control will replicate what Amlan did. That is going beyond boundaries and pushing forward our vision towards a 100% Smoke-Free Philippines,” the PCS added. Coalition members led by PCS gave a standing ovation to Amlan Mayor Bentham dela Cruz after his presentation.

The Forum on Tobacco Control is the 2nd of a series of discussions on the top four risk factors for NCDs. The Coalition has scheduled the Tobacco Control topic in observance of Lung Cancer Awareness Month this July. The next scheduled events are on September 25 (Nutrition) and November 20 (Physical Activity). The 1st Forum on Alcohol was held in June.

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VIA Screen Campaign
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    To advance knowledge about cancer, combat the spread of the disease, and bring relief to those afflicted with cancer.

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    A country well prepared to meet the cancer challenge and a citizenry made fully aware of the threats of the disease.

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