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The Philippine Cancer Society, Inc. (PCSI) is a private, non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 22 December 1956. It was founded by a group of laymen and medical doctors with the aim of “helping the Filipino cope with cancer by preventing it and diminishing death caused by it, especially among the disadvantaged, through information, education, advocacy and focused services.”

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PH to celebrate 2015 NCCW in January

To kick off activities for the 2015 National Cancer Consciousness Campaign, the Philippine Cancer Society (PCS) will hold a series of education and information lectures that will focus on cancer prevention and early detection.

The campaign is an offshoot of the promulgation of National Cancer Consciousness Week, held every third week of January through Presidential Proclamation No. 1348 (s. 1975) which named PCS and the Department of Health (DOH) to lead government agencies and the private sector in activities that will raise public awareness on cancer.

With doctor-volunteers of the PCS Speakers Bureau, the Society will hold a week-long series of lectures in schools, communities and workplaces. The theme of the public information series is “Kanser: Kaya Natin ‘To” (“We can fight cancer!) to highlight a winning strategy against this dreaded disease.

Further, to promote cancer prevention and control messages to a wider audience, broadcast and print media networks will support PCS publicity activities at the start of the National Cancer Consciousness Campaign particularly on topics that center on the top five cancers in the country – breast, lung, liver, colo-rectal and cervical cancers.


Pain has been defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Not all cancer patients experience pain, but it is one of the most common symptoms associated with cancer. Approximately one quarter of newly diagnosed cancer patients have some degree of pain, as do one third of patients undergoing cancer treatment and three quarters of patients with advanced disease.

Pain is a highly subjective experience. The same physical stimulus may cause greater or lesser amounts of pain in different people and even in the same person in different situations. Nonphysical stressors, such as emotional, financial, and spiritual difficulties, can influence the patient's experience of pain.

Cancer pain may be acute (relatively short-term) from tumor growth, injury, and certain treatments and procedures; or chronic (continuing over several weeks or months). Both types can be of varying severity. Breakthrough pain is a sudden temporary flare in pain intensity. Breakthrough pain can occur even when a patient takes the proper pain medication, and a doctor may prescribe a special dose or treatment to use when pain breaks through normal pain medication.

VIA Screen Campaign
VIA Screen Campaign
Facts About Cancer Pain Management

November is Cancer Pain Management month. Cancer pain can have significant impact on the physical, emotional or psychological aspects of life. Although pain is often thought of as happening in advanced stages of the disease, it may occur at any stage for many reasons:


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    To advance knowledge about cancer, combat the spread of the disease, and bring relief to those afflicted with cancer.

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    A country well prepared to meet the cancer challenge and a citizenry fully aware of the threats of the disease.

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