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Learn About Cancer

In efforts to highlight the advocacy for the promotion of cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, the Philippine Cancer Society, Inc. has intensified its public education and publicity activities to cover a wider range of its target. PCS presents herewith its collection and references on – Cancer Information, Stay Healthy, Local Publications, Cancer Treatment Guidelines, Sharing-Coping – contributed by various volunteers, patients and their love ones. Quick Links to local and international websites where cancer information can be taken are given. The Philippine Cancer Facts and Estimates is a product of the PCS Manila Cancer Registry.

Establishing the PCS as the information hub on Philippine cancer, media networks recognize the Society as the “reliable and newsworthy” source of current data, expert technical advice and relevant commentaries particularly of the leading cancer diseases.

learned-about-cancer-1To better disseminate information on cancer and provide materials support to other activities of the PCS, the E/I Unit has integrated its program for marketing collaterals with the concept, design, production and distribution of flyers, posters, tarpaulins and other similar items. These include the Annual Report, the information flyers on Cancer, Smoker’s Body, Relay for Life materials, video and powerpoint presentations for major events. The program also includes photography and video editing

The Society expanded its media coverage with more TV and radio learned-about-cancer-2networks using key anti-cancer messages in their broadcasts. Part of the Society’sCancer Education efforts is subscription to popular social media websites like
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Philippine-Cancer-Society-INC/216156488399561
and Twitter – https://twitter.com/philcancer.
Studies show that about 40 million Filipinos have access to both of these websites.
Media Partners in Cancer Awareness Information include: