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Mission / Vision

Our MISSION: To advance knowledge about cancer, combat the spread of the disease, and bring relief to those afflicted with cancer.

Our VISION: A country well prepared to meet the cancer challenge and a citizenry made fully aware of the threats of the disease.

The PCS carries out a program of activities in:

1. EDUCATION & INFORMATION – to create awareness of cancer prevention and control in the general public through such means as prints, videos, tri-media, lectures and conferences, in collaboration particularly with Media Groups and Department of Education & Culture.

2. SERVICES – to provide cancer screening services such as breast examinations, pap smear, DRE, mammography and biopsy; consultations and referrals for patients needing further medical attention, chemotherapy drugs provided to indigent patients (Patient Navigation Program), in collaboration particularly with Department of Health, Andres Soriano Foundation, Avon Foundation, Medical-Oncology Societies, Support & Hospice Groups.

3. RESEARCH – to support cancer control programs through the collection and recording of data on cancer and its incidence, operations health research, and KAP surveys, etc. Publishes the series, Cancer Facts and Estimates and Cancer in the Philippines, in collaboration particularly with the Department of Health, International Agency Research in Cancer/ GLOBOCAN/ Cancer Mondiale.